Crisis management In A Busy Environment – Is your company Prepared?

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It is very important that companies are prepared for possible times of crisis. It is known that all companies are susceptible to risks, but some companies such as airliners, airports, companies that are locate in dangerous areas and companies that deal with threatening duties must have a pre established crisis plan, in order to be ready to emergencies. These pre... Continue Reading

Social Media Usage In The City University of London Case Study

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The City London University has been using social strategies to restructure the formal way of education, trying to adopt a more diverse and innovative method to communicate with alumnus and teachers (Condie & Livingston, 2007).  Despite their small social media department, the university adopted a more intensive use of social media and managed to create a successful marketing campaign that... Continue Reading

How To be More Productive And Eliminate Stress

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The daily stress can and will be affecting not only your relationships but also your work productivity. The day by day activities and obligations, tasks to be completed and goals to be meeting, will bring us into a vicious cycle where we can only think about work, work and work. Workaholics will develop this addiction to work because they can... Continue Reading

How To Overcome Social Media Overwhelm

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Conscious Growth Podcast: How to Overcome Social Media Overwhelm Have you been asking yourself how to overcome social media overwhelm? There are tons of social media websites packed with different rules and independent trends, right? Each one of these social media sites, have its own ways to function and to cap it all they are always changing. So, how not... Continue Reading

Conscious Growth: Insights From Think And Grow Rich [Podcast]

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Conscious Growth: Insights From Think And Grow Rich [Podcast] Welcome everyone to our radio talk! This is our Conscious Growth Podcast Episode where we can discuss many topics such as news, books, business, career, behaviour and lifestyle. Today I’d like to share with you insights about a book that many of you have heard or read: Think and grow rich.... Continue Reading

What If You Can Break Through And Feel Unstuck Right Now?

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What If You Can Break Through And Feel Unstuck Right Now? I looked at my pendent tasks and noticed that I let my personal life get on the way of my productivity, last week. Procrastination combined with perfectionism, telling me that I should postpone things in order to prepare myself. The truth is, the world does not stop just because... Continue Reading

5 Amazing Free Online Business Training Resources That Will Make You Fall In Love

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Who told you have to spend tons of money in order to have access to high quality online business training and resources? The truth is there are many free  and great online trainings that you can start attending right now if you want. Get rid of all excuses and start taking action today! Have a look at these 5 amazing free... Continue Reading

Use Content Marketing To Rank Your Website Well On Google in 2014

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Hello user experience, goodbye low quality content! There have been too many speculations on how google will change their parameters for website owners in 2014, but this one is for sure: You should use content marketing to rank your website well on google in 2014. Period! By working harder to control content as a whole, Google wants website owners to provide... Continue Reading

5 Important Video Script Keys For Video Marketing

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5 Important Video Script Keys For Video Marketing 1. Study and understand your audience The first of the 5 Most Important Video Script Keys for video marketing is, take some time to learn about who will be watching your videos. Identify what are they looking for, and how your products would change their lives. Is there a specific problem that your... Continue Reading

Five Important Content Marketing Elements To Enlarge Your Campaign

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On today’s article, I am talking about Five Important Content Marketing Elements to enlarge your campaign that you have to think carefully when establishing your content marketing strategy yourself. Pay attention, take notes and if you know anyone who would benefit from it, share with them! Five Important Content Marketing Elements To Enlarge Your Campaign Element 1: How To Know Your Audience Have you ever heard about profile... Continue Reading

Marketing, Design, Copywriting Strategy Series

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Marketing, Design, Copywriting Strategy Series Nowadays is more than important to combine marketing, design and copy writing in a harmonious way that will communicate directly with your visitors. These three subjects walk together and sometimes building a good marketing, design and copy writing strategy can be a hard work. There is a book that in my opinion is very useful,... Continue Reading

3 Reminders On Writing For Web To Apply now

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3 Reminders On Writing For Web To Apply now For all types of companies, large and small, it is necessary to find the correct way to communicate with clients, right? This is because in the sea of the web, the concurrence is “salvage” (wild)  and If we have to choose between two services, obviously we will stay with the website... Continue Reading