A few Words On This Site

This website started out of my passion for marketing and design and how we can use it as a powerful tool of Communication. I also had a strong necessity to have a space where I could gather my researches and share this knowledge with like minded people.

About My Background

At the moment, I am studying a master in Media and Communication in the Technische Universitat Ilmenau, a very conceptualized public university in Germany.

Years ago, I earned my bachelor in Social Communications and Multimedia from the Faculty Of Technology And Sciences in Brazil.

I started my career still in Brazil, where I had the pleasure to work in the Public Relations, internal communication for two years, in a large company.

Have lived in different countries, Ireland, England and during these years I had the opportunity to work in different areas, including graphic design and arts.

While working in graphic design, I had the chance to shift to online marketing, where I started to manage projects on strategic content for website relaunches.

Since then, I having been exploring how marketing and design blends in order to bring excellence in business communication.

About Featured Skills

  • Language Skills: Portuguese, English, Spanish, Basic German

  • Design: Adobe creative suite; Illustrator, photoshop, after effects, premiere (for video editing)

  • Web Design: Css/HTML, WordPress, Adobe Dreamweaver (code editor), wireframing, layout design, user experience.

  • Online Marketing, content marketing, social media softwares, presentation, video creation and editing, project management in content strategy