About Patricia Rios

I am a content marketing manager who’s focus is creating 360° SEO friendly content marketing projects for websites, blogs and social media.

I started my career in communications, in Brazil, where I had the pleasure to work in the Public Relations field, as an internal communication trainee for two years, in a large company called Caraiba Metais importing and exporting of metals.

After completing my bachelor in media and social communication, I decided to leave my country to live new experiences in Europe, where I lived in different countries (Ireland, England, France).

Over the years, I had the opportunity to work in graphic design at Reads Print Design in Ireland, but I really found a greater passion when I worked online for Enfusionize (USA) for more than 5 years, in content marketing.

Currently living in Germany, I am now completing a master in media communication science in the Technische Universität Ilmenau. A great opportunity to add a more scientific data driven approach, to the experience I have gained among the years.

Technical and Creative Skills

Over the years I am on a never stop recycling and learning journey. I believe we should never stop looking for improvements in our careers and never settle, specially in this fast speed area.

  • Language Skills: Portuguese, English, Spanish, French (Intermediate) German (Basic)

  • Design: Adobe creative suite; Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere (for video editing); Camtasia Video Editing

  • Web Design: CSS/HTML, WordPress, Adobe Dreamweaver (code editor), wireframing, layout design, user experience.

  • Research & Statistics: Quantitative and Qualitative Research, Data Analysis, SPSS IBM Statistics

Visit the “Projects” page to learn more about some projects that I worked and have been working right now.