Content Marketing Manager

I am a content marketing manager who’s focus is creating 360° SEO friendly content marketing projects for websites, blogs and social media.

Each digital marketing channel demands a different style of communication. Content marketing will assure that you speak with your audience, at any given moment, through different media formats, such as audio, video, texts, presentations and so on.

The cycle of an efficient content marketing strategy, starts with a goal in mind, but also needs to include market research, as well as analytics and data reports. In a nutshell, here’s what I do:

  • Market Research: Quantitative and Qualitative Research / Keyword Research
  • Planning & Executing:  SEO Content Marketing Project Planning / Editorial Calendar
  • Analytics / Reports: Monitor, analyse and improve campaigns based on results
  • Creative & Technical: HTML/CSS/ WordPress / Adobe Creative Suite / Video Editing / Presentations / Statistics / Data Analysis

Marketing Research

Content Marketing Manager Paris | Patricia Rios

Marketing strategies campaigns are a junction of many different activities to achieve one objective. Quantitative and qualitative Marketing research will allow us to transform data into actionable insights, provide focused recommendations and identify new content opportunities:

Market (ing) Research Goals

  • Understand  Audience needs in order to create laser focused content
  • Understand your competition and and how they are already exploring the market 
  • Identify patterns of successful content that will inspire the creation of new content
  • Explore Audience insights and predictive behaviour in order to create meaningful promotions

Planning and Executing Content Marketing

content marketing manager patricia rios

After conducting the research, what is the the next step? There is no order of right or wrong, but the best practice is to use all the gathered research data, to plan an user centric content marketing strategy, that will educate and nurture leads and clients.

Here are a few good reasons to plan your content marketing strategy:

  • Effectively manage projects and tasks to meet team deadlines
  • Effectively analyse the overall keyword strategy
  • Effectively plan what to write about and how
  • Decide what’s the best format for the content
  • Plan how to deliver and promote the content
  • Establish an editorial calendar

As a content marketing manager, it is important not only to plan, but also to be involved on the content creation. It might also be my responsibility to create or give support to content creation in different online media channels, including websites, blogs, social media and visual storytelling pieces.

Analytics & Reports: Show me the numbers!


Analytics empower the marketing team with actionable knowledge to improve effectiveness of any promotional initiative (be social media campaigns, lead campaigns and so on).

Simplifying Marketing Analytics

  • Putting the data together, clean and get it ready for analysis (based on the business goals)
  • Explore the data to formulate the hypothesis  
  • Developing analytical / Statistical models:
    • Descriptive: Gives you the status of the campaign what happened in the results
    • Exploratory: Identify relationships between metrics Ex.: The increase on sales is related to what promotion? Which campaign is the most profitable and why? What is causing sales to decrease?  
    • Predictive Models: Estimate outcomes. Ex.: What are the expected increase in sales if we invest in this or that project?
  • Reporting and interpreting results
  • Taking action on the findings

Analytics & Reports Goals

  • Help understand what works and what does not work for your content marketing strategy
  • Track and optimise conversion paths to generate more qualified leads.
  • Provide insights and learnings from previous campaigns to support pitch work and planning.

Voila! Now you know exactly what I do

Now that you know what I do, why not to learn a little more about me and my journey in the marketing land? You can do it by visiting my about page, or just click here.