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Create More Strategic Content For Your Website By Patricia Rios

A friend of mine said “I just want to have a website that people can find on google”.

I explained that in order to do it well she needed a content strategy, a blog and a marketing plan.

This will increase traffic and bring in more potential clients to any website. But she replied:

“Oh no I have other priorities in my business.

I Just want to do it the most simple way.

I already have some content I created a while ago. That should be fine.”

My friend finally got her brochure website done, but unfortunately this did not help, as her business closed down after a few months.

If she knew how to use content marketing to power up her website, she would probably have made a better use of it.

And you?

Are you spending time to plan a content that works and doesn’t suck? Take a look at these simple tips. They work wonders!

Create More Strategic Content For Your Website With These Simple Tips

1. Ask Yourself The Question:  Who Am I writing for?

This sounds very basic but makes a huge difference to have it crystal clear.

For example, if you are a lawyer, you need to use a super simple language, and forget about formal terms.

Otherwise only lawyers will understand your content.

You don’t want that.

2. Be Super Specific, While Defining Who Will Read Your Content

Remember you want to attract potential clients and not the competition. Here is a good example:

Let’s think about a nutritionist who runs an online coaching business for women who is craving to lose weight.

She might also write her content for pregnant women who want to follow a health diet during and after pregnancy.

See how She knows exactly who will be reading her content?

But now, she needs to find ways to translate technical terms in order to serve her audience.

3. Research To Find Out How Your Audience Is Communicating And What They Need

OK, Now you need to look for problems and situations that you know how to resolve. What is the solution that you can bring to your clients?

In which circumstances they are, and how you can help them to improve it?

Here are a few simple and quick ways to do it:

Visit forums, Facebook groups and yahoo answers to see how the discussion about a specific topic is being held.

You can also visit related sites, to check how your competition is treating this specific subject.

If you find a website with a high interactivity going on, you can check all the comments on their blog posts.

I like to do it when I want to create an article.

You can also check and analyse how the pages on the competitors website are being displayed, and use it as an inspiration for your own content.

4. Set The Goals And Calls To Action

Once you have all your research done, define a clear goal for this specific piece of content and start writing  your entire copy and calls to action, based on what you want your audience to do.

Let me explain:

On your main website you might get to the conclusion that a specific page has the goal to sell a service.

On another page, You might create an online promotion, and in this case your goals might be:

  1. To help as many people as possible with your free content.

  2. To introduce your work to new people

  3. To maintain the interest of existing clients

  4. To grow your email list

Then you will create unique content that reflects these goals.

Write articles, create videos and presentations and web copy based on that. Do you understand?

Now I have a question for you!

What do you do to plan the content you write on your website?

I’m sure you have great insights to share with other readers! Share the love with us, please!

Thank You!



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