Do This Before Start Writing Your Next Content Strategy

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Do This Before Start Writing Your Next Content Strategy  By Patricia Rios

Do This Before Start Writing Your Next Content Strategy

It can be very confusing to structure an online marketing plan. But there are a few steps we could follow, that will serve as a base for every marketing effort we take.

In this article, we are going to simplify this process.

The goal here is to collect key points that will be relevant and serve as a theme, every time you need to create an online marketing campaign.

Take a look at the following questions, read the respective explanations and then try to answer yourself accordingly to your own necessities.

Remember that you can come back to these questions over and over and change the answers any time you feel you have had a special insight.

Step 1. Define Your Product Or Service

Question: How can I describe my product or service?

In this stage, you should write everything that comes to your mind. Don’t worry about special terms, specific words, just write down anything that you can think about.

It doesn’t have to be pretty, or anything. Just take the time to be patient with yourself and appreciate every single thought that comes on the way.

You can always refine it better later on.

Step 2. Define Your Audience

Who is going to be interested in this type of product/service?

This is the time that you need to be very specific. After writing about your product, you should define, gender, age group, behaviour, interests, etc.

The idea here is to collect as many information as possible. The more specific The better.

Try to picture in your mind what type of circumstances these people should be in order to buy, contract you, what they need to learn.

TIP: A good way to get started with your research is to find online groups or forums where your audience would be hanging out. In these places, you can check their questions and how they are communicating.

Step 3. Define Their Problem Or Necessity

You have a product or service. Then you found who would be your ideal client. Now, is time to dig a little deeper to understand their concerns, pains, necessities and what bring them happiness.

Which emotion your product service will cause your ideal customer to feel?

You might be thinking right now, that your product may be too technical, therefore, you wouldn’t be able to evoke any emotion.

But the truth is, there is always an emotion to be evoked.

For example, you can provide a service that will make your client save money and feel more relaxed about their finances.

Or you can help someone save time and they will feel relieved to see that his project is moving fast and forward. Get the point?

Now I would like to suggest you to name three to five emotions that your product service would evoke on your clients.

Then, Just name the type of problems you solve and how you can solve it.

3. Define The Exact Solution You Provide

Now that you know the problems your audience is facing, and what type of emotion you want them to feel when they relate to your brand, it is time to map out, what type of solution your product is providing.


A Law firm who is specialised in immigration issues, provides solutions for those who are interested in moving to another country.

The problem here could be visa issues. Maybe lack of information of what is needed to acquire a visa to a determined country.

Your solution is to resolve all visa issues and questions your client might have.

4. The Pitch

The previous steps are very important, specially if you want to carry a clear message of what to you do, what to expect from you and who should contact you.

The pitch is going to be a message that defines your brand. In this message, you should include 3 key factors:

1. what you do, 2. how you serve, 3. for whom.

Example 1:

Hello, I am Maria Magdalena and through my coaching sections I help conscious business owners how balance work and lifestyle in order to live a more peaceful, relaxed and recharged life.

Example 2:

MarkBurn Personal Trainer brings the best of your mental and physical state to your everyday life, through personalised exercises for woman who wants to make the difference in the world

In both cases you can see, how you can identify what they are offering, who can be benefited by their services and how they want to feel afterwards.

Now it’s your turn. I hope you take some notes and start doing that straight way. If you have already done it in the past, it is always good to review these steps every now and again.

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