Five Important Content Marketing Elements To Enlarge Your Campaign

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On today’s article, I am talking about Five Important Content Marketing Elements to enlarge your campaign that you have to think carefully when establishing your content marketing strategy yourself. Pay attention, take notes and if you know anyone who would benefit from it, share with them!

Five Important Content Marketing Elements To Enlarge Your Campaign

Element 1: How To Know Your Audience

Have you ever heard about profile persona? I used to think this was a good idea, but now I have my own concerns about it. In online marketing, we can hear many times about building a profile persona, which consists in creating imaginary characters and give them real life attributes.

I have even written a few articles about it, but now I see that targeting your audience is much more complex. You cannot build the profile based on someone’s hobby, or any kind of guessing work, specially if you are new to business and don’t have a client database yet.

Instead, a beter way to do it, is to define  who is your product/service for, and what are the circumstances that your clients would find themselves in order to buy your product (I’ll tell you a good way later).

It is easy, to define if your ideal clients are male or female, their age, if they are single, married etc. If you know your product, you know who is it for, and you cannot say it is for every body because that might not work.

Element 2: Be Specific 

The more specific you are, the closer you will get to your audience, and more clear you will sound to them. If you know they are single young adults looking for advice on how to live in New York, you can give a specific advice about a particular situation. What if you can specify the sex? Woman have different concerns from Man. You got the point, right?

And talking about concerns, this is very important to identify the circumstances and prior concerns of your audience instead of building a list of imaginary characters.

If you still don’t know the concerns of your audience, you need to research it, because this will be the exact foundation of your content strategy, so pay attention to what I have to say now.

Element 3: Research. Ok, here is one tip to find out more about your audience

There are many ways, but a good one is to research your competitor’s, websites and pay attention to what they are constantly talking about. Once you there make sure to have a look at their blogs, what they are writing about and look at how people are interacting on their blog comments.

Also visit their social media channels and see what is being more popular and creating more noise. Identify what are the most common asked questions, what are they asking, what are the content that they are sharing the most.

Element 4:  Define Your Action Plan Cycle

You already know that the more specific you are on defining your audience, and the more you know about their needs you are more likely to hit them straight away. But You need to use channels to do it, so let’s start with your website.

Use Google Analytics (or ask someone to it for you) to identify the pages your should keep and what are the ones you should add or delete. Check what are the pages that people are not really spending much of their time on, and the ones people are not really visiting at all.

Where else are you going to make your presence count? Choose two or three social media channels to begin with don’t do more that at the early stage of your campaign. This is because you will avoid to feel overwhelmed and will be able to focus on better quality than quantity.

Then establish the content are you going to offer on your website and social media: audio, videos, presentations, ebooks, reports, case studies, pictures, etc.

 Element 5: The Content

Is your website talking about your clients circumstances or talking only about your services? You need to talk mostly about them not about you. Then you should define what are the offers, what are you going to give, to evoke the interest of your visitors not only for your website but also for your product or service.

Ask yourself that is it that you can offer that will make their lives easier. You can offer some sort of entertainment, inspiration, or solution for a problem they have. Just remember to be consistent and always create content to get your customers engaged with your services.


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