How To be More Productive And Eliminate Stress

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The daily stress can and will be affecting not only your relationships but also your work productivity. The day by day activities and obligations, tasks to be completed and goals to be meeting, will bring us into a vicious cycle where we can only think about work, work and work.

Workaholics will develop this addiction to work because they can only feel confident and helpful when they are producing or doing things. If you developed a serious level of addiction you will find yourself stressed. On the other hand, people that are not motivated to work and procrastinate tend to feel depressed because they are stuck in their minds in a way that will block the work process. The result is also, stress.

It doesn’t matter what level of stress you are experiencing. If you are not able to manage, you can feel it in your body, in your moods and if you do not take care as soon as possible, you might have not only physical problems, but also, emotional and intellectual issues that will address in serious work disturbance.

To deal with stress and be more productive at work, the first step is to recognize you have an issue that need to be solved. This is first and foremost a personal challenge that needs to be treated as such. The best way to resolve it is not taking care of yourself, also adopting new habits that may not be very fun but will have fundamental importance on your life.

The way you treat yourself is strongly related to they way you will treat your work and the people around you.  You can normally live a life, get productive even if you do not take care of yourself but chances are, you will suffer stress and discomfort more easily.

How can I deal with this?

Healthy Eating

If you you are like most busy people that doesn’t have time to prepare a proper meal, you will probably end up feeding yourself with microwave, junk food that is useful at the moment you cannot cook something “real” and great, but in a long term basis will bring harm not only to your level of stress but also in your body. Is important to give preference to fresh juices, and include at least a few veggies and fruits on your diet, even if you do not like it.

Did you ever notice that when you are really stressed, you tend to caught flu and colds more often? When we are stressed, the body absorb too much of vitamin C and you need to be replacing it all the time. Give the preference for the fruits riches vitamin C like lemons and oranges.

You also can find Vitamin C in: strawberries melons, tomatoes, broccoli, potatoes, peppers and green vegetables.

The stress will affect directly on our capacity of concentration and will require extra work to realize the simple tasks on a daily basis. It will lead to lack of energy and and provoke poor mental ability. Will also unsettle the nervous system and make the muscles tense. For all these problems, you can be using a diet rich in Vitamin B1 (thiamin).

This single vitamin is essential to energy production, nervous system. Will be very important during the growing process (for kids and teenagers) as it helps to develop the mussels. If you are looking for something to improve the heart development, Vitamin B1 is also indicated.

The best sources of Vitamin B1 are: Whole Grain Cereals, brewer’s yeast, potatoes, nuts, pulses (legumes) and milk.

Fresh Juices

They are a very good and practical way to implement good nutrients to your body. If you are stressed, you are probably  lacking of energy as well and the combination of sweet fruits (that are naturally rich in sugar) to prepare your home made juice with milk or yogurt is extremely energetic. So why not to use this natural energetic to boost your ability to get things done? Here I have a few tips for healthy, tasty and energetic juices:

– One mango;

– Two slices of pineapple;

– One Banana;

– 150ml of (low fat) milk or yogurt;

Mix everything in a blender and you are done! Try it for breakfast to start my day full of energy and disposition.

Get Active!

  1. A good way to get started is adopting sports to you daily activities. On practicing sports your body will produce endorphins that will help on your well being, making you feel more relaxed and calm afterwards. You can choose something like yoga that will connect your body and mind, providing great states of concentration.
  2. Sports as volleyball, football that you to play in group will stimulate the ability to work as team and will increase your sense of competition. (great if you work with marketing and advertising!).
  3. Arts classes will help you to get in touch with your emotional and creative side, helping you on finding creative solutions for your everyday tasks not to mention that will relax and bring improve the flow of your ideas.
  4. Dancing classes will also help to keep the balance of the energy of the body as physical  movement is always a good way to bring flow and balance the energy of our body.

Like the Holistic?

If you like an Holistic alternative to combat the stress, you probably

Basically, what you need to do is to get active. Instead of just complaining about how busy and stressed you are, you focus your mind on things that will stimulate changes and increase your happiness.  You will feel the difference when you start doing it. and if you are serious about dealing with stress, you must start as soon as possible. Preferably,  now!


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