How To Create An Online Marketing Plan Step By Step II

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How To Create An Online Marketing Plan Step By Step Part 2

On the previous post on how to create an online marketing plan, we studied important aspects that will build a solid foundation for your marketing plan.

If you haven’t read yet, you can read now => How To Create An Online Marketing Plan Step By Step Part 1

Now on part two, we will tap into competitive analysis in order to:

  • Understand How the Market Is Treating Our Chosen Topic

  • Understand How Our Competitors Are Building Their Approach

  • Find inspiration And New Ideas

  • Study What Is Already Working Or Not

  • Find Out What Is Missing So We Can Offer

  • Find Out Our Unique Selling Point

  • Find KeyWords That We Can Possibly Integrate On Our SEO Efforts

How Do I start My Competitor Analysis?

First ask yourself what is your business about? Think about a list of keywords that would describe your product, service in the best way.

Ask yourself, how would my clients look for it online? What type of terms they would use?

Then when you have an inventory of all these terms, it is time to go to google or bing, and look for these terms online.

Will see on the results, what is coming first. they are your possible competitors, so now it time to visit their website, and analyse:

  • How their website look like?

  • What are the most trendy topics in these sites?

  • What are they talking about?

  • What is the language they are using?

  • What are their strenght and weakness?

  • What is missing? What is wrong? what is right? what would you change? what would you keep?

  • How are they established in social media?

  • What is their social media presence like?

  • How are they interacting with their clients on social media?

  • What’s on their blog?

Find the 5 most relevant competitors and take a good amount of time to ask about all these questions.

Then you are ready for a very important question:

What are the keywords that helped them to rank on first page of google?

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