How To Create An Online Marketing Plan Step By Step

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How To Create An Online Marketing Plan Step By Step – Part I

An online marketing plan does not have to be a complex tiring book, that no one actually wants to read.

An online marketing plan, should be instead, a road map, where you can establish the goals and a set of activities that you will have to successfully complete in order to position your business online.

Many business owners, even nowadays want to have a website, an online presence, but don’t want to set the time to create an online marketing plan.

In this article, we are discussing key points on how to create an online marketing plan step by step, so you can understand the most important aspects of it.

Why and How To create An Online marketing Plan

How To Create An Online Marketing Plan Step By Step

To create an online marketing plan you should have in mind  the following:

Your goals, your objectives and the realist tactics you need to adopt in order to position your business online.

The reason you need to do that is because without an online marketing plan in hands, you won’t be able to truly compete online.

Not having an online marketing plan is the same as starting a business in the dark.

An online marketing plan will also permit you and your team:

– Study your audience

– Understand how you will approach them

– Create series of tactics to approach them

– Establish your web presence

– Create better content for websites and social media channels

– Understand your business brand

– To better communicate online with your audience

– Predict actions and costs

How To Create An Online Marketing Plan – The First Steps

How To Create An Online Marketing Plan Step By Step

Doing Your Home Work

1. Goals and Objectives

Every online marketing plan should be built around the business goals and what you would like to achieve with it.

In order to be more effective, try not to establish too many goals. Think about the most important, and create a plan for each one of them.

For example, let’s consider you are a start up business. You can create different marketing plans for three specific goals:

1. Brand Awareness: Will introduce your brand and Get people to know you

2. Community Building:  Will promote interaction between you and your company

3. Business Promotion and Sales: Where you will actually offer your products or service

In online marketing it is common not to be too pushy while trying to sell your products.

Because your foundation is based on relationships.

Online marketing gives you the opportunity to create a deeper relationship with your clients, and this is a great chance to be constantly in touch with them.

So, do not mess up!

You can always experiment with different tactics and types of advertisement. In fact, this is the place to be continuously testing better ways to bring more efficacy to your marketing efforts.

2. Understand Your Ideal Audience

The second step is to study your audience. You know already what you want from them. Now is time to understand what they want from you, and how you can serve them better.

Think in terms of the right client, what they want, what do they do, what are their deepest fear, their priority in their business.

Think in terms of topics that are directly related to then, that is related to their personal lives, how do they have fun, get to know them deeply.

Try to position your business in order to talk about those subjects and to talk about not only their business but also, their dreams, their life in general.

Identify terms they are using and questions they are asking so you can create a more detailed online marketing plan.

Further reading to guide you in this aspect:

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3. Finding where your Ideal Audience is online

It is important to know your audience from inside out to find out where they are hanging online. Be for your website, your online adverts and social media channels, you need to be right where they are.

And in order to do that, you must know then first, right?

Now that you understand that, you must start your audience hunting. Just ask yourself:

– Which online groups would my audience be right now?

– which social media channels are they?

– On facebook, what is the type of people who are liking my direct competitors?

– What type of forums are they participating?

4. Interacting with your Ideal Audience

Now that you know where you ideal audience is, is time to interact with them. Take some time to ask them questions, to respond to their answers, and give them advice.

Remember to always leave a link to your website and/or your social media channels so they can contact you if they want.

All these steps will let you move more easily through the next steps to come. You need to have a solid foundation on who will be listening to.

So you can identify the key points that you will touch on your online marketing plan.

You don’t want to be based on guess work, as you need to understand how to communicate online, and these steps are crucial for that.

On the next part of this article, we will analyse our competition and discover how they are positioning themselves in the market.

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