How To Overcome Social Media Overwhelm

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Conscious Growth Podcast: How to Overcome Social Media Overwhelm

Have you been asking yourself how to overcome social media overwhelm? There are tons of social media websites packed with different rules and independent trends, right?

Each one of these social media sites, have its own ways to function and to cap it all they are always changing. So, how not to feel overwhelmed?

You know you should be on social media and use it to your business, blog, website, etc. But the idea of using everything at the same time just drive you nuts.

Stay tuned because in this podcast episode we are going to discuss how to overcome social Media overwhelm, and how to drive your social media strategy, all stress free!

How to Overcome Social Media Overwhelm Tip Number One

There are several social media platforms to choose to be in. BUT who told you have to be hanging on all social media platforms?

You can pick at least the 3 social media channels that you feel comfortable to begin with, then when you get the hang of the situation, you might want to explore different social media channels.

Still think that 3 social media channels are too much? Pick one, or two. The important here is not quantity but the quality of your content and interaction.

So, if starting up with one social media channel will bring you peace of mind, pick that one, then you can gradually pick other ones.

Just make sure that from time to time decide to get out of your comfort zone and try different alternatives. Don’t stagnate.

How to Overcome Social Media Overwhelm Tip Number Two

Have A Social Media Calendar

Try to have a system, a calendar with at least three small actions that you can take everyday. Have in mind that is is better to sit down and plan a week ahead everything that you will do on your social media strategy.

You can choose one day to sit down and based on what is happening on your business or website, you decide to post on facebook 3 times a day from monday to friday, and plan these posts one week ahead.

How to Overcome Social Media Overwhelm Tip Number Three

Automate The Social Media Process

you don’t have tospend hours on social media in order to show that you are present. It is totally fine to use something like Hootsuite, Later Bro, or if you are on facebook they have their own scheduling option while writing your posts.

How to Overcome Social Media Overwhelm Tip Number Four

Setting Your Social Media Marketing Limits

Don’t think that you should be on social media just all the time and send the most you can send to your friends or fans.

Set a time, something around one hour a day to work on your social media dayile. See what is happening, and engage with your audience. Then, move on to your other activities.

Now it is your turn!

Did you ever asked yourself How to Overcome Social Media Overwhelm? What did you do to solve this problem?

Scroll down and use the comments on the comments below to share with us how do you do, to Overcome your social media overwhelm!


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