What If You Can Break Through And Feel Unstuck Right Now?

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What if you can break through and feel unstuck right now? By Patricia Rios

What If You Can Break Through And Feel Unstuck Right Now?

I looked at my pendent tasks and noticed that I let my personal life get on the way of my productivity, last week.

Procrastination combined with perfectionism, telling me that I should postpone things in order to prepare myself.

The truth is, the world does not stop just because we do and  we just need to swallow it down, take a deep breath, stand up and go.

There is no other way around. There will be times when we will need to be tough with ourselves as much as we would be with our kids (if we had one – no I don’t have kids…).

I think the best practice to get anything going on, is just start with something. Anything. You can use exactly what you have in this giving moment.

We must get rid of all excuses and all the lying talking in our head that says “we should wait”, or “I will just study a little more”.

But I’m Glad I have an exercise that has helped me a lot of times and I will share with you because I know you might want to try it yourself.

When your ideas are confusing, or when it seems like you loosing track of a project, make a letter for yourself and be clear on how you feel, how you want things to move, what do you want to accomplish. Keep on reading, I will give you the details.

1. Just Write It Down?

What if you can break through and feel unstuck right now? By Patricia Rios

When you write it down you will notice how your ideas will stop spinning (seamlessly) and will start to take shape. Have one paper to write anything.

That can be about your pendencies, big moves, the shop list, the projects your need to run and dont worry about ordering it.

2. Do The Labelling

Then you read it again and start to identify categories. I suggest these ones:

  1. Business and money
  2. Family, Relationships and fun
  3. Spirituality and Faith
  4. Healthy Diet
  5. Traveling and Events

Write down everything you want to accomplish for each one of these areas. Write down what do you want now, what should be happening now, things that you need to sort out, big goals, small goals. Good job!

3. Plan Your Way Into Action

Now is time to write down what do you need to do or what you think you should do to make these things happen.

It usually pushes us out of our comfort zone, but this is our time to commit to do, instead of only analise. Ask yourself:

What is the next logical step I can take towards this goal?

1. Is there someone I can call and ask for help?

2. Do I need to travel somewhere to resolve it?

3. How much money do I need in order to make it happen?

4. What is my budget?

5. If I don’t have enough money, how can I acquire it?

The list goes on and on, but do a little research and start to see the possibilities even if they are fuzzy, you will try to find clarity little by little.

TIP: You should start from the easiest task, letting the more difficult ones to the last.

4. Schedule It

Now that you have an action plan, you need to schedule it on your calendar. It does not mean that you will accomplish everything by the time you settled. But, you will do your best to do it so.

In case you don’t have it finished by the arranged time, you should at least feel good that you are on the way, doing, working and not stopped.

How to do it

1. Give yourself a deadline to have it done. Let’s say You want to move again to another city in two months time.

2. Take some time to go through steps 1, 2 and 3. Then get in hands all of the possible action you should take.

3. Fill in your calendar for the next 2 months with these actions and go back there everyday to check what you need to do next.

5. Reward Yourself

What if you can break through and feel unstuck right now? By Patricia Rios

Every action you take, even the smallest one, makes all difference. The secret is to keep on going, focusing on your goal, no matter what happens beside. Some days you will do more, another days you will do less.

But the beauty is to keep firm on faith that you will accomplish it. If you really want, you can accomplish it. That is what I have seen!

Ps.: What about taking the very first step now and use the comments on the bottom of the page to register what you want to accomplish so bad, and announce that you will do it? Write it down and share with your friends, who knows who will be able to support you on that? Good Luck! 


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