Marketing, Design, Copywriting Strategy Series

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Marketing, Design, Copywriting Strategy Series

Nowadays is more than important to combine marketing, design and copy writing in a harmonious way that will communicate directly with your visitors. These three subjects walk together and sometimes building a good marketing, design and copy writing strategy can be a hard work.

There is a book that in my opinion is very useful, called, “don’t make me think”, by Steve krug that explains how the design and copy writing as a marketing tool is directly related to the way visitors will behave towards your website.  I have learned very early that people don’t read online, they scan and we need to adapt to this model of communication.

Thinking about marketing, design and copy writing as components of the same group can be quite tricky for most of us, but now, marketing and design cannot be separated from the process of communications anymore. It is also time to adopt a more “real” and conversational language in our copy writing strategy in order to establish a closer relationship with our readers.

I really appreciate when I find valid high quality content instead of lines made up of beautiful words but nothing informative. As an example, today I decided that I needed to use a twitter application to help me to manage my twitter updates and activities. I thought it would be useful to sign up to TweetDeck. Even though I have heard so many times about this app, I never researched in depth so was not quite sure about what it can do for me and my twitter updates. On the webpage, I saw:

Marketing, Design, Copywriting Strategy Series

I bet if you don’t know what tweetdeck is, you still don’t have a clue.

On the next articles we will be able to compare and analyse how design and copy writing  are being used as marketing strategy tool. Make sure to subscribe to get the updates!

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